Paradoxides sp. Trilobite, Devonian, Morocco


(Actual as seen)

SIZE: 402 x 350 x 26mm
(15.83 x 13.78 x 1.02 inches)

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Name: Paradoxides
Genus: Trilobite
Age: Devonian
Location Found: Morocco

Paradoxides is a genus of large to very large Trilobite found throughout the world during the Mid Cambrian period. One record-breaking specimen of Paradoxides davidis is 37 cm (15 in)! It has a semicircular head, free cheeks each ending with a long, narrow, re-curved spine, and sickle-shaped eyes, providing almost 360° view, but only in the horizontal plane. Its elongated trunk was composed of 19-21 segments and was adorned with longish, re-curved lateral spines.

Fossil Trilobites were marine based, and some of the most successful of their time, roaming the oceans for over 270 million years! The name Trilobite, meaning ‘Three Lobes’, was given to them due to their body being made up of three sections. Although it is not uncommon to find whole Trilobite fossils, it can be a lot more common to find them incomplete, missing different parts of the three sections. These fossils vary in size, ranging from only a few millimetres to some species measuring in at around 12 inches.

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(Actual as seen)


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