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  • Limonite – Perfect for Display or Crafting

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  • Limonite and Argonite Crystal, Iron Ore and Mineral Stone

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  • Limonite and Aragonite – Healing Crystal Mineral Stone, Authentic

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  • Limonite and Aragonite – Spiritual Healing Mineral Crystal Stone – CERTIFICATED

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Limonite is a type of iron ore that is often found in bog deposits and shallow marine environments. It is named after the Greek word for meadow, “leimon,” as it is often found in areas with moist, grassy soils. Limonite is composed of iron oxide minerals, primarily goethite, as well as varying amounts of clay, sand, and other impurities.

Limonite is typically yellow-brown or rust-colored, and has a dull, earthy luster. It is a relatively soft mineral, with a hardness of 4 to 5 on the Mohs scale, and is easily crumbled and weathered. Despite its softness and tendency to crumble, limonite is a valuable source of iron, and has been used for centuries as an iron ore.

In addition to its practical uses, limonite is also highly valued for its beauty and unique patterns. Its earthy colors and textures make it a popular material for use in decorative arts and crafts, including jewelry, pottery, and sculpture.

Limonite is also believed to have powerful metaphysical properties, and is often used in energy healing practices. It is believed to promote a sense of grounding and stability, as well as to enhance strength and endurance.

Overall, limonite is a fascinating mineral with a long and rich history. Its earthy colors and unique patterns, combined with its practical uses and powerful metaphysical properties, make it a mineral that is definitely worth exploring for anyone interested in the fascinating world of minerals and gemstones.