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  • Weevil Bug Fossil Cocoons (Leptopius duponti) – Genuine Specimen – Australia Holocene CERTIFICATED

    (Actual as seen) £12.12
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  • Fossil Fly (Love Bug), Plecia pealei, Eocene, USA

    (May differ to photo) Sale! £12.60
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  • Genuine Fossil Weevil Cocoon Insect Leptopius, Australia

    (Actual as seen) £13.80
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  • Fossilised Fly – Genuine Specimen – Eocene USA CERTIFICATED

    (Actual as seen) £14.40
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  • Fossil Fly Insect in Rock, Eocene Period, USA

    (Actual as seen) £15.84
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Prehistoric insects are various groups of insects that lived before recorded history and formed a very important part of the food chain, as they do today. Insects have inhabited the Earth since before the time of the dinosaurs, with the earliest identifiable insect fossil being the Devonian Rhyniognatha hirsti, a Springtail, estimated to have lived 407 to 396 million years ago! One of the main differences between modern insects and prehistoric insects, like many other creatures of prehistory, was their size. Prehistoric varieties tended to be much larger than their modern-day equivalents. This size difference is thought to be due to higher atmospheric oxygen levels, higher temperatures and the absence of birds as key predators of insect life.