Cairngorm Stone

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  • Cairngorm Tumblestones, Scottish Crystals for Protection and Creativity

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  • Cairngorm Tumblestone for Purification and Healing

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  • Certified Cairngorm Tumblestone, Spiritual Healing Crystal Stone

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Showing all 3 results

Cairngorm Stone is a type of quartz crystal that is found in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. It is also known as Smoky Quartz or Morion, and is characterized by its distinctive smoky brown to black color, which is caused by natural radiation exposure.

Cairngorm Stone has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties, with some believing it to have strong protective and grounding abilities. It is thought to absorb negative energy and emotions, and promote a sense of calm and balance.

In addition to its metaphysical properties, Cairngorm Stone has also been used in jewelry and other decorative items. It is often cut into faceted gemstones and used in rings, necklaces, and earrings. Its unique color and clarity make it a popular choice for jewelry designers and collectors alike.

Today, Cairngorm Stone is still highly valued for its beauty and healing properties. It is often used in energy healing practices, meditation, and spiritual rituals, as well as in fashion and home decor.