Flint, Norfolk Natural Mineral Rock for Collection and Display


(Actual as seen)

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SIZE (Picture scale cube=1cm): 55 x 38 x 13mm (2.17 x 1.5 x 0.51 inches)

All of our Minerals are 100% Genuine Specimens & come with a Certificate of Authenticity!

Flint is a sedimentary cryptocrystalline form of the mineral quartz, categorized as the variety of chert that occurs in chalk or marly limestone.

In the Stone Age, flint was used in spears, knives and other tools used for cutting, cooking, and hunting. Ancient tribes quickly noticed that when sharp pieces of flint struck steel, sparks ignited. This seemingly small discovery led them to lighting fire for the first time.
Flint is said to be grounding and protective, and may aid in helping one develop their spirituality. Flint is an excellent gem for all chakras. It is said to be able to contain our past karma, and attach the ethereal fragments of our soul to the physical body, making sure we don’t lose our souls (or bodies).

from North Norfolk, UK

WILL DIFFER TO PHOTO: The image shows an example of the single specimen you will receive. This will be picked from our stock box graded and with a size approximately within the size range indicated. It will not be the same specimen shown in the photo, the colours, shape, size and style may vary as with any natural item. To guarantee the specimen you receive will be representative by that in photo, we would always recommend the Actual as seen version of this item.

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(Actual as seen)


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