Citrine Natural

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SIZE: 20-80mm (Range)

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Citrine, as a Healing Crystal, is a perfect stone for students and entrepreneurs as it Combines Strength with Prosperity and Confidence.

Citrine is a variety of quartz whose colour ranges from a pale yellow to brown, due to ferric impurities. This crystal is formed when the mineral Amethyst is exposed to intense heat from a natural source, this exposure to the heat transforms the Amethyst into Citrine. So, should that heat process not have occurred, the crystals would have been found as violet Amethysts. Naturally formed Citrine is a very rare occurrence, making it a very desirable and costly crystal. However, Citrine can be created unnaturally by heating Amethyst to high temperatures in a furnace, this is referred to as “Heat Treated”. Most of the Citrine found for sale in the market place will have been heat treated due to how rare the natural occurrence is.

Natural, from Congo

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(Similar to seen)





4 reviews for Citrine Natural

  1. tarawest72 (verified owner)

    Love my Natural Citrine, great size, rough cut and looks beautiful! I will certainly be back for more.
    A+ for service and speedy delivery!

  2. Nadine May (verified owner)

    wanted a natural citrine not heat treated took the chance on a similar to seen item and was a tiiiny bit smaller than i hope but it’s still amazing. No 2 crystals are the same! And I’ve obviously got this one for a reason so thank you!

  3. KELLY WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    It is a nice piece for my first one.

  4. blaneybronagh (verified owner)

    little smaller than what I expected but still beautiful none the less! 100% natural citrine !

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