Necklace & Pendant – Otodus obliquus Shark Tooth, Eocene, Morocco

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Specimen: Otodus obliquus Shark Tooth Necklace
Age: Eocene Period
Location Found: Morocco

These Shark Teeth are from the Otodus species of shark that patrolled the seas of Morocco around the Eocene period – 56 to 33.9 million years ago. When a sharks’ teeth become worn the predator will ‘shed’ these teeth, and these will be replaced with new sharper, stronger teeth. However, unlike humans, Sharks are known for re-shedding hundreds of teeth on a regular basis, which makes them a fruitful find with fossil hunters.

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(Similar to seen)

2 reviews for Necklace & Pendant – Otodus obliquus Shark Tooth, Eocene, Morocco

  1. Andrew

    I ordered this for a work colleagues birthday present yesterday morning, with free delivery (up to 10 days). I was surprised when the postman (it was a man) delivered the parcel this morning 26 hours later! Otodus obliquus is Greek for ear (shaped) tooth. It measures approximately 19mm at its widest point and 23mm in length overall. Remember this shark is from the genus of the mackerel shark and not the behemoth megalodon, I don’t think the supplied 18″ chain would have been capable of hanging the megalodon from. I was relieved to see it was a wire wrap securing the tooth to the chain and not as I had thought, a plastic wrap. In all fairness, I’d probably change the chain for a leather thong before giving it to him. Thank you Libby for the fast turnaround.

  2. anastasis

    it was a little smaller than i expected but apart from this it was verey good!

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