Green River Formation Plants (small), Eocene, USA

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Specimen: Plant Remains (Various species)
Age: Parachute Creek member, Green River formation, Eocene
Location Found: Bonanza, Utah, USA

Green River is one of the most important fossil sites for understanding the Eocene period, it’s located in western Colorado, eastern Utah and southwestern Wyoming in the USA. The fossils, especially plants, found at this site indicate that the climate was moist temperate or sub-tropical, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Plants were just as important millions of years ago as they are today, if not more so, as these were the organisms that gave our planet life, and helped sustain it! The first oxygen creating organism was an algae, which singularly spread across our planet & slowly oxygenised the air. Plants were soon to evolve from this algae & helped flourish the land, creating a liveable planet for future animals to roam, & provide a powerful food source for those animals to graze upon. Without plants the earth may have been an extremely different place to what we know today, & their fossil remains have helped us piece together one of the most important factors of our existence.

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