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All of our Fossils are 100% Genuine Specimens & come with a Certificate of Authenticity!

An outstanding gift. This small wooden Treasure Chest comes complete with: Three Genuine Fossils (a beautiful Ammonite half, a Fossil Tooth and a Crinoid Stem/Bivalve); Four Polished Gemstones in various colours; a bottle of Fools Gold (Pyrite); and a bedding of genuine Pliocene Fossil Shell Fragments. All this for a very low cost. These make perfect gifts for children, fossil lovers, & Pirates!

The chest measures ~ 100 x 60 x 60mm

Treasure Chest Contents –
  • Ammonite Half Fossil
  • Fossil Tooth
  • Crinoid Stem / Bivalve
  • 4x Various Coloured Polished Gemstones
  • Bottle of Fools Gold (Pyrite)
  • A bed of Pliocene Fossil Shell Fragments
*Contents may vary between the Crinoid Stem and Bivalve

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(Similar to seen)


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