Cleoniceras Ammonite in Matrix


(Actual as seen)

SIZE:  310 x 193 x 25mm

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Name: Cleoniceras sp.
Age: Cretaceous
Location Found: Madagascar

These amazing Cleoniceras sp. Ammonites are iridescent, shining a spectrum of colours under light, including a unique red glow.

Ammonites are one of the most recognisable fossils around, this is due to their familiar spiral shape shell, reminiscent of what we know as a snail shell, though these creatures are not related to snails at all! They were marine animals, present between 240 – 65 million years ago, who had a coiled external shell like that of the modern nautilus, and although they resembled a modern-day nautilus, these molluscs are more closely related to living coleoids (i.e. octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish!)

These creatures varied in size, ranging from only a few millimetres to some fossils being found measuring a whopping 8 feet 96 inches.

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(Actual as seen)


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