Bag of Triceratops Dinosaur Bone 250g

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Specimen: Triceratops Bone Fragments
Age: Cretaceous
Location Found: North Dakota, North America

Triceratops, which literally means “three-horned face”, is a genus of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur that first appeared during the late Maastrichtian stage of the late Cretaceous period, about 68 million years ago (mya) in what is now North America. The Triceratops had a sharp hard beak and rows and rows of teeth, some having as many as 800 teeth, allowing them to slice and crush all sorts of vegetation. Despite their fearsome appearance, they didn’t kill other dinosaurs for meat, but they likely would have defended themselves well from predators using their 3 horns which featured on one of the largest heads of any land life.

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(Similar to seen)

2 reviews for Bag of Triceratops Dinosaur Bone 250g

  1. Mark Foster

    I bought 3 bags their count should have been 400 per bag it was more like 100 per bag. Other than that these look like bone not as carbonised as I thought be the kids loved them. Bought 4 more bags.

  2. ColeF (verified owner)

    loads in the bag, great buy

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