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Looking for genuine fossils, minerals, healing crystals, tumblestones, jewellery, and seashells for sale? Look no further than My Lost Gems. Our extensive collection of specimens is carefully selected for high quality and authenticity, and each item comes with a certificate of authentication. We offer a unique “buy what you see” shopping experience, as well as bulk and wholesale pricing options. With new products constantly being added, My Lost Gems is your go-to source for one-of-a-kind natural treasures. Shop now and discover the wonders of the earth.

Whats new?

  • Lepidolite Mica Crystal – Spiritual Healing Mineral, Authentic

    CAD $13.16
    SKU: RP1416
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  • Red Jasper Faceted Massage Wand for Spiritual Healing, Genuine

    CAD $18.22
    SKU: RP1415
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  • Topaz Rough, Clear, Vietnam (A-Grade) – Authentic

    CAD $16.19
    SKU: RP1414
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  • Zeolite – Spiritual Healing Crystal Mineral Stone, Authentic, UK Seller

    CAD $19.23
    SKU: RP1413
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  • Cinnabar (Mercury Ore) on Matrix – Healing Crystal Mineral, Authentic

    CAD $141.64
    SKU: RP1412
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  • Melanite Tumbled Stone – Spiritual Healing Crystal – Certified Mineral

    CAD $22.26
    SKU: RP1410
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  • Green Grass Jasper Terminated Pencil – Authentic Spiritual Healing Crystal Mineral

    CAD $10.12
    SKU: RP1409
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  • Graphite Crystal from China (Large) – Genuine Spiritual Healing Mineral Stone

    CAD $19.63
    SKU: RP1408
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Products on sale

  • 10 x Polished Olive Beach Seashells – Perfect for Jewellery, Art & Crafts

    (Actual as seen) Sale! CAD $4.05
    SKU: BP6610
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  • 10cm Silver Pentagram Incense Holder SP7503 Premium Quality βœ”UK Seller

    Sale! CAD $4.46
    SKU: SP7503
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  • 1kg Assorted Craft Shells for DIY Projects and Beach Decor

    (May differ to photo) Sale! CAD $19.43
    SKU: BC7002
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  • 1kg Assorted Medium Shells for Crafts and Home Decor

    (May differ to photo) Sale! CAD $21.25
    SKU: BC7001
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  • 1kg Bear Conch Shells for Coastal Home Decor and Crafts – BC5002

    (May differ to photo) Sale! CAD $23.07
    SKU: BC5002
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  • 1kg Citrus Yellow Glass Tumbled Nuggets for Crafts and Jewelry Making

    Sale! CAD $10.12
    SKU: BC4006
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  • 1kg Crystal Glass Tumbled Nuggets for Crafts and Jewelry Making

    Sale! CAD $10.12
    SKU: BC4000
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  • 1kg Dark Ruby Glass Tumbled Nuggets for Art and Decor

    Sale! CAD $10.12
    SKU: BC4008
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